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E:60 Unprotected, Women's Lacrosse

E:60 examines the high incidence of brain concussions in girls lacrosse. Ehhh, maybe jump-balls are what’s wrong with the game. Check the 3:00 mark.

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New Cascade-CPXR for Under Armour

Since we released pics of the new Cascade-CPXR earlier today, we decided to also include the Under Armour All-American helmets as well. What do you guys think of the helmets? Comment…

North Carolina Lacrosse is Ready for Takeoff

UNC is going with new Argyle patterned lids for their Quarterfinal game against Duke this weekend. The Tar Heels will be wearing Cascade Pro 7s with a new wraparound Argyle decal that goes along the side profile and back panel. MORE DESCRIPTION AND PICS AFTER THE JUMP…

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Black Out Cancer With the Boston Blazers

The Boston Blazers will host their Black Out Cancer Night for their April 3rd game and have set a goal of $5000 to donate to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA.Continue…

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Indiana Lacrosse Garb

Hoos ya mama…Hoos ya daddy…Hoosierrrrr. The Hoosiers are looking to put their team on the map this year and they are looking sharp. Indiana’s team is decked out in the same Nike Six Nations jerseys that Idaho has and don Pro 7 Cascade helmets with Brine King II’s. CLICK ME…

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Inside the design of the Warrior Trojan helmet

Inside the design of the Warrior Trojan helmet

Warrior’s new Trojan helmet will be hitting store shelves soon and is already creating a buzz since it is a huge change from Warrior’s current Venom helmet. The Trojan has a distinctly different look, and is also lighter than the Venom. Helmets are arguably the most important piece of equipment you own. A helmet protects […]

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LXM Pro: Clear Pro 7 Helmets

Yesterday California experienced LXM Pro, the West Coast lacrosse event that mixed lacrosse, music, and Hollywood. Check out the Cascade Pro 7 helmets worn at the event. >>READ MORE


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