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Burd Wood Works Lacrosse Sticks


After getting to spend a few field days with Burd’s wooden attack shaft out here in sunny Southern California, I’ve come to love wooden handles. The Burd stick I’m testing doesn’t have the optional wax coating, which gave it a true old-school-style feel to the stick. It’s made from hickory, so you you can be darn […]

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“Nemesis” Head & Hickory Wood Shaft

So how did a guy who hasn’t been around lacrosse for years choose the Nemesis over other heads on the market? Easy, just the way most people probably do. I read a lot of reviews online. I liked what folks said about the stiffness of the head in terms of scooping of the remains of stopped shots. What was said about the sloping sidewalls funneling shots into the pocket was also an influence. Keep Reading…

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