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Girl Laxer Lays A Gruesome Beat Down Slashing And Repeatedly Punching Opponent In Head

lax chick fight

The video is a clear representation of rage on the field. The girl whacks her once sending her opponent to the ground, then continues to repeatedly bash her head in tomahawk style and even makes contact with some punches to the face. No wonder a good amount of people want helmets in women’s lacrosse. The game is apparently between two Connecticut high schools. Read More…

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The Ten Best Yard Sales of All Time That You Probably Haven’t Seen

LPG searched for the most excruciating hits of all time on the lax field. A massive blow to an unwary opponent is otherwise known as the Yard Sale. Urban Dictionary depicts a Yard Sale as “a lacrosse term used when a player of the opposing team is stick checked hard enough that he drops his stick, causing him to sometimes fall, keep running, or grab his head in disgust before being laid out by a longpole.” You will definitely find some of those occurrences in the following clips.