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Lacrosse Shooting String Bracelets — Plus Free Shipping At ChalkTalkSPORTS


Shooter bracelets from ChalkTalkSPORTS are made from authentic lacrosse shooting strings and are available in 16 different colors. For a limited time you can order them with FREE SHIPPING! Read More…

Adjustable Shooting String Bracelet

shooting string bracelet

The Shooting String bracelet is hand-made from actual shooting string. Each bracelet is designed with sliding adjustments to fit any wrist perfectly. These bracelets also feature an engravable aluminum slider that is available in a variety of colors. You can personalize this bracelet by adding your name, team name, your jersey number or anything else you want. Available at

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Max Seibald’s Nike Lakota Chrome, Nike Pursuit Attack Shaft

Max Seibald’s Nike Lakota Chrome, Nike Pursuit Attack Shaft

Last week Nike promo player, Max Seibald, took the field in a photo shoot for the “Every Minute is Your Moment” Nike ad. We have exclusive photos of the stick he was playing with in the photo shoot.

STX Surgeon x Joe Walters Mesh Stringing

STX promo player, Joe Walters, just sent us a pic of his newly strung STX Surgeon. He strung two nylons across the top with a durashot below in the center of the pocket. Notice the hockey lace used at the throat of the head. Keep Reading…

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