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STX Promo Player Anthony Kelly Talks About STX 2011 Assault Line

STX promo player, Anthony Kelly, elaborates on the new STX equipment including the Katana shaft and 2011 Assault line of equipment.

Hofstra Lacrosse Winter Workouts

Winter workouts for a Division 1 athlete are cruel. Depending on what school you attend, you may be asked to cut your winter break short and return to school weeks earlier than the regular student body. You’re placed in vertigo and feel like the Spring season, which hasn’t started yet, is already taking a toll on you. Keep Reading…

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Hofstra Lacrosse Team Having Fun in Their Gigantic Locker Room

Hofstra University has become known for their fantabulous videos, and now you have one more to enjoy. It’s not meant to be funny, but it shows how much fun they have as a team just chilling in their huge locker room. Coach Tierney definitely has an edge with recruiting because of that monster.

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Hofstra Coors Light Press Conference

Apparently 2010 is the season for commercial spoofs, or I guess spoofs of spoofs. Below is the Hofstra lacrosse team giving their best shot doing a Coors Light Press Conference. Great facial expressions by Coach T and the hair-dos of some of his players are priceless. Comment…

Coors Light Hofstra Men’s Lacrosse spoof from Daniel Stein on Vimeo.

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Picture of the Week

Here’s a pic of Maryland’s Bryn Holmes laying out a Hofstra player from this past weekend in the first round of the NCAA tourney. MORE…

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The NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Heats Up

The NCAA Tournament is more than just another playoff series. The tourney is what everyone looks forward to every May. Memorial Day weekend is what every kid dreams of. And this weekend marks another great run for the title. Get excited by watching a few highlight reels below. MUCH MORE AFTER THE JUMP…

Hofstra Lacrosse Team Steps Foot into New Locker Room

This past December Hofstra University decided to drop their football team citing a general lack of interest and support from students and alumni, along with the desire to redirect funds toward enhancing the school’s academic programs (NYDailyNews). It appears some good might have came out of it. What once was the old football locker room is now the new lacrosse hang out.

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STX Unveils Hofstra 2010 Padding

STX posted the gear for Hofstra as they enter the 2010 season. The Pride will be sporting the K18 line of course which includes the arm guards, arm pads, cell defense arm pads and gloves.


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