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Ward and Leung to Visit Hong Kong Lacrosse as Guest Coaches

dillon ward

Most Valuable Player of the 2014 World Lacrosse Championships Dillon Ward along with Karsen Leung will be visiting Hong Kong to serve as guest coaches for the Hong Kong Lacrosse High Performance Programme. The two will be in Hong Kong from October 29 through November 6 then join the High Performance Programme as coaches in Singapore from November 7-9. The HPP team will participate in the Singapore Spectacular, a four-team tournament. Read More…

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Hong Kong Lacrosse Establishes High Performance Programme


(4 September, 2014) Hong Kong – The Hong Kong Lacrosse Association (HKLA) has announced the establishment of the Hong Kong Lacrosse High Performance Programme (HPP). This ongoing programme will serve as a way to identify and develop elite lacrosse players and centralize their training in preparation for local and international competitions. The HPP will consist of potential athletes for the Men’s and Women’s National Teams, as well as the Junior National Teams. Read More…

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Hong Kong Men’s Lacrosse Team Named for World Championships in Denver

Hong Kong Men's Lacrosse Team

HONG KONG – The Hong Kong Lacrosse Association (HKLA) has named the 23 players who will represent Hong Kong at the Federation of International Lacrosse World Championships (10 – 19 July). Read More…

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Maryland To Hong Kong: My Summer Experience with Lacrosse Abroad

Hong Kong lacrosse 3

From the beginning… I got a hold of Jay Wich from JJ Threads and he informed me of lacrosse things happening during the time I was in China. Luckily I was able to make it to one of their practices. Practice was held in a sports complex with multiple turf fields encircled by a large horse racing track. Read More…

THAILAND Successfully Defends the “Friendly Cup” against HONG KONG in Bangkok

THAILAND Successfully Defends the “Friendly Cup” against HONG KONG in Bangkok

The Thailand national team defended the “Friendly Cup” against its regional rival, the Hong Kong national team, to keep the trophy in Thailand. This was the second game in the two game 2010 series between the two countries, the first inaugural game was in Kawloon, Hong Kong. The game was historically significant as it was the first ever lacrosse game to be played in Thailand. Keep Reading…

New Promotional Ad for Thailand Lacrosse

Here’s the first glimpse of the TLA’s nation wide campaign to promote lacrosse in Thailand, it will be used to promote the sport. Thailand is excited to partner with Maverik, Nike and 1 lacrosse. This is the first photo leading up to the game on October 2nd. against Hong Kong to defend the “Friendly Cup”.

Thailand – Hong Kong Lacrosse Friendly Cup

Here is a picture of the trophy the Thailand national team and the Hong Kong national team will be playing for this Saturday. It’s a tradition that will start this year. Thailand will travel to play the Hong Kong team, and will host the Hong Kong team in October at the IMPACT’s Yamaha Stadium.This is the trophy will be given to the winner each time they play one another. Only to change hands if the other team wins over the holder of this trophy. View Trophy…

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1 Lacrosse: Norway x Hong Kong

1 Lacrosse just released two new National team designs: Norway and Hong Kong. View Images…