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Indiana University Lacrosse Performs The Harlem Shake


Indiana University Lacrosse gets down with the Harlem Shake. The Harlem Shake is a dance that originated in Harlem, New York. Since its beginnings, it has spread to other urban areas and become popular in music videos. Read More…

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Indiana University Men’s Lacrosse 2012 Gear

Screen shot 2012-04-09 at 11.00.26 AM

Coach Tumbas and the Hoosiers just received a mighty fine package of goodies in the form of lacrosse gear. The video displays everything Cream and Crimson from equipment bags to two different kinds of Brine gloves. Equipment is definitely a reason to consider the growing Hoosier program. Read More…

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Indiana Hoosiers Home and Away Gloves

The IU Hoosiers just got nice home and away gloves for 2011. The home gloves are White Silo IIs and the away gloves are Crimson King 3s. You know IU has style when the lax equipment pairs well with a critter print duvet. Read More…

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Indiana Hoosier Practice Shorts

Via Connor Wilson at LAS, here’s a look at the Indiana University practice shorts. The shorts, made by Elevation Lacrosse, are reminiscent of the candy striped warm-up pants the IU basketball team wears. Cream and Crimson has never looked so good.

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