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How To Defend 2 Man Game

STX promo players Brett Hughes and Pat Heim discuss how to defend the 2 man game, including getting through the pick and switching on the pick. View Video…

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Fitting Your Lacrosse Head on a Different Brand's Shaft

On December 30th, Will Holley, a regular on our Fan Page, posted the comment, “You guys should do a post on fitting heads to shafts. It seems like a lot of people don’t know the hot water trick.” We liked this idea for a post because it demonstrates creativity, originality and innovation. The staff at LPG liked it so much that we asked Will to write a guest post. Keep Reading…

How to: Custom Lacrosse Grip and End Cap

Came across a great tutorial on how to customize your lacrosse shafts butt end and grip. However, it isn’t your average tape job. You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video.

How To String a Lacrosse Stick: Part 1 and Boston Cannon, Bobby Horsey, show us the basic materials you must have before you begin stringing your stick.

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