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Illadelph LacrosseWear Uniforms for Ocean City Classic


Team Illadelph has produced top-notch quality uniforms in the past for the OC Classic. Past uniforms include a full-body bikini set and Quint Kessenich’s egghead. This year, however, shows some love for the zebras. Hoping to cause a little confusion, Illadelph, with the help of LacrosseWear, made uniforms that resemble an official referee’s uniform with yellow pockets. Genius. Read More…

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So Why Did Illadelph Choose Quint Kessenich As Their Muse For Ocean City Uniforms?

Quint Kessenich uniform-face

Ocean City Classic has become known for crazy and outrageous jerseys and this year did NOT disappoint. One of the big winners from the weekend was Team Illadelph’s Quint Kessenich jerseys. We have received a lot of inquiries about the uniform, the inspiration and who manufactured it so we reached out to one of the founding members of Illadelph, Carl Ray, to explain it for us. Read More…

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Laxamania x Bandanna Shorts

This is a Philly team. A few guys from the infamous Illadelph team came up with this concept. Justin Sabol did this design and the concept was brought to reality by O2 Sports.More…

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Illadelph Summer Uni by LacrosseWear

Many of you have probably seen the bikini sublimated jerseys at the Ocean City Classic a few weeks ago. These are some of the best uni’s we’ve seen all summer besides OUR OWN of course. We wanted some details from the man who brought this idea in to fruition, Carl Ray. Continue…

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