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Indiana University Lacrosse Helmet


Indiana made big waves this week with their Harlem Shake video, but it’s their new helmet that everyone will be talking about this season. The Matte Crimson TII stands out from other helmets…in a great way! Read More…

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Vision Training For Lacrosse – Lacrosse Roads of America

vision training for lacrosse

This past spring our Indiana University Men’s Lacrosse goalies underwent sports vision training, with the help of the Indiana University School of Optometry (IUSO). Sports vision training has been implemented for various professional sports teams, guided by an optometrist who has done a residency in binocular vision therapy. Currently, vision therapy is underutilized at the college and high school level. There are no specific programs that meet the visual demands for the sport of lacrosse. The visual requirements to be a top tier lacrosse goalie could be considered the most demanding in all of sports when you take into consideration shot speed, shot release points (overhand, ¾, sidearm, and low), and shot distance. Read More…

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2011 Indiana University Lacrosse Highlight Reel

Screen shot 2011-07-29 at 3.02.59 PM

Indiana University’s club lacrosse team has been turning the corner for quite some time now and it started when they hired a new coach a year ago. Coach Tumbas, who recruits like a mad man, is on to something in Bloomington. Here is a highlight reel from their past season. Read More…

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