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Update: Why The Tribe Who Invented Lacrosse Can’t Play It Here

As countries scrimmage in Manchester for the World Games this week, it’s been a long couple of days for one team in particular. The Iroquois Nationals have yet to take flight. Their Visas aren’t being recognized by the US Government (they have to fly out of USA) for travel to the games. The Independent is one of the many publications writing about the terrible situation. Keep Reading…

Huron Topstring

It’s summer time, giving us a lot more time at the pool, and a lot more free time to string up some sticks. This week, I combined the two, giving you yet another way to string up your top strings. A lot of questions came in on the Choctaw, and this week I can answer them.

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The Choctaw Topstring

When I saw the Iroquois topstring, I thought I’d give you guys some different ideas on how you can do that. There really are a million ways.

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Learn The Upstate Top String

What has become something of a myth is now understood. The Iroquois top string, also referred to as the Upstate top string, has been put into words by the guys at LAS.