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Jake Davis Test Shots: James Wilson Of Secret Forts

Jake Davis is an iconic director of my generation. He has filmed fashion lookbooks for the best in the industry, including Gant. He has filmed music videos for Drake and My Chemical Romance. Every week, he does a segment on his blog called Test Shots. This week’s Test Shots is something special, because it resonates with me. It’s about one’s style. Enjoy. Keep Reading…

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Southern Hospitality With Billy Reid

GQ/CFDA Best New American Menswear Designer Billy Reid gives an inside look into what makes clothing classic. Billy’s southern heritage sensibilities are seen not only in the garments he designs but his beautiful store in downtown New York. MORE…

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Video: The Sebago Nexus Project Trailer by Jake Davis

Ronnie Fieg Presents: The Sebago Nexus Project – Trailer by Jake Davis from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

Ronnie Fieg brings together Influential bloggers Marcus Troy, Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette, William Yan, Greg Weinsten of Culture Shoq, and director Jake Davis to redesign and reconstruct classic footwear in The Dominican Republic for Sebago.”