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LXM Pro Live Chat and Giveaway with Kyle Harrison, Scott Hochsdacht, Max Ritz, and Xander Ritz

LXM PRO Live chat Flyer, max ritz, kyle harrison

The Lacrosse Network is hosting a Live chat with the LXM Pro Founders Kyle Harrison, Scott Hochsdacht, Max Ritz, and Xander Ritz. Just like all of TLN’s Live events, this one is interactive and will allow users to ask questions to the LXM Pro Founders and talk to them directly through YouTube Comments. Comments will come in Live so the guys can answer them in real time. Read More…

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Johns Hopkins New STX K18 Gloves

SweetLax uploaded a picture of Johns Hopkins new K18 gloves. The gloves are Matte Black/Columbia Blue with the Blue jay embellished on the cuff. As you may recall JHU began the season with 2011 STX Assault gloves and Nike Vapor Elites, then abruptly switching to stock K18s and finally Matte Black/Columbia Blue gloves. It’s still undetermined why Hopkins decided to go in this direction.

K18 Gloves: Tried and Trusted

You may have noticed that the JHU Blue Jays were sporting White/Silver K18 gloves last weekend in an OT loss to Syracuse. The gloves looked pretty sharp, but they didn’t make the switch for aesthetics alone. Last week a Hopkins middie broke his hand during practice using another pair of gloves (yet to be determined).

Davenport University STX K18 Gloves

Davenport University, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, decided to go with a Red/White colorway for their STX K18 gloves. Included in the image is the team cleat which pairs well with the glove colorway. (via @jeff_jags)

Global Starz Gear

The Global Starz teams are set with top of the line gear for summer. They will be repping Cascade Pro 7 helmets and STX K18 gloves to name a few.

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