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Under Armour Wills Innovation in Brand New Advertisement, its Biggest Ever Global Marketing Campaign

Under Armour Wills Innovation in Brand New Advertisement asks the question, “What Would You Get If You Crossed a Nike Ad Mixed With An IBM Spot?” The answer is a complicated Under Armour advert that is strategically structured to inspire us as much as the organization’s first campaign – Protect this House. The branding is accurate. Under Armour continuously highlights its strategic positioning as an innovative organization. Read More…

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Introducing the Under Armour Sports Bra

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January 26, Under Armour’s Kevin Plank and Brad Dickerson stated during an Investor Transcript Call for their Annual Report that the women’s line has grown 13% since it first went public. They also hinted at new launches for the public to expect this year. The Sports Bra was one of them. Read More…

On Leadership: Kevin Plank, Under Armour CEO, says no to ‘Loser Talk’

kevin plank

On Leadership: Kevin Plank, CEO of Baltimore-based Under Armour, talks with Tom Heath about growing his company, ‘playing offense’ and wisdom from Sun Tzu. Read More…

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The Rise of Under Armour

LAS pointed us towards an unbelievable interview with Under Armour CEO & Founder Kevin Plank. Plank, a former University of Maryland football player, wanted to produce a shirt that was conducive to performing at a high level throughout the course of a game. Jemele Hill from ESPN not only got to learn about the company’s roots, but she even trained with Plank himself at his house in Baltimore, Md.