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Brine, Team Germany Gloves

Brine made dope King II’s for Team Germany in the 2010 World Games. The colorways are traditional with a nice stitched emblem on the cuff. View Gloves…

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West Virginia Brine King IIs

West Virginia is sporting the Brine King IIs this season. The glove is Blue with Yellow lining throughout. The cuff features an embroidered West Virginia insignia which we feel really brings the whole piece together. Read More…

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R.I.T. Brine King IIs

You’re looking at the new gloves that R.I.T. is wearing this season. The Brine King IIs have an Orange/Black colorway with the school’s logo embroidered on the cuff.

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Brine King IIs for Stanford

Check out the new King IIs that Stanford will be wearing this season.

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Brine King II Middlebury Gloves

Middlebury, one of the most dominant teams in D3 college lacrosse, will be donning the Brine King IIs this spring.

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Bring King IIs for Mizzou

The Mizzou King II is Jet Black which makes it pop. These gloves are real clean and polished mostly because it is one of the only gloves we’ve seen with a solid colorway without any White.

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Clemson Brine King IIs

The Clemson Brine King IIs were released recently and they look clean. The glove has an Orange colorway with a paw print embroidered on the cuff.

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More 2010 Brine Gloves: Loyola, Stony Brook, Rutgers

Yesterday LPG posted new gloves from Brine. Today we have Loyola, Stony Brook and Rutgers. There has been quite the buzz about what the finished products would look like and…well, you be the judge.

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