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Krass & Funnell T-Shirt


Krass & Funnell has added t-shirts to their shop. The front features the Krass & Funnell logo as well as mini sailboat. On the back they expanded the sailboat and filled the sails in with all of their favorite sea creatures and summer activities. It’s a perfect shirt for the Fall to remember all your Summer fun. Use the “laxplayground” discount code for 25% off.

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Krass & Funnell Launch New Website, 20% Discount For LPG Readers


Krass & Funnell launched a brand new website and Spring line last night. This year they are focusing on making the website more content driven so you can expect a regularly updated blog and video blog that shows what it’s like behind the scenes of Krass & Funnell. Read More…

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Krass & Funnell Spring/Summer 2012 Men’s Shorts Line Photo Shoot


Krass & Funnell shows us their lookbook for Spring/Summer 2012. The shorts company will be releasing a good deal of new garb this season including three embroidered shorts, two classics reworked, and one completely new one. Krass & Funnell will even be venturing into t-shirts, hats and possibly some women’s shorts. They leaked us only two images and even a short time lapse video. Read More…

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Lacrosse Playground Readers Receive 15% Discount Off Krass & Funnell Printed Lacrosse Shorts

krass&funnel lax shorts-1

Krass & Funnell have released a new style made specifically for lacrosse players. The new short features a Green stripe with printed Blue and White lacrosse sticks. That’s not all. LPG readers receive a 15% discount on the new lax shorts. Read More…

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Krass & Funnell Lacrosse Shorts

fish print shorts-1

Allow LPG to introduce you to Krass & Funnell, a new premium athletic shorts company. Founded in 2010, Pierson Krass (Lehigh University) and Sam Funnel (Trinity College) have set out to combine the functionality of a high-end athletic short with a sophisticated traditional style. Read More…

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