Watch How Kyle Harrison Likes To Tape His Alliance 135

tape lacrosse stick

Taping your shaft is very important to most players. Everyone has their own preference and many re-tape their shaft before every game as a ritual. Watch how STX Promo player, Kyle Harrison, tapes his stick, the Alliance 135 with FLEX technology. Read More…

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Kyle Harrison Pro Strung STX Stallion Exclusive To South Swell Sports


New in 2011, the STX Stallion is brought to you by STX Lacrosse and LXM Pro Player, Kyle Harrison. South Swell is proud to carry the STX Stallion lacrosse head as a Pro Strung series lacrosse head. Featuring the exact pocket that Kyle plays with while on the field. Read More…

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STX Stallion Head: Research and Development


STX, promo player, Kyle Harrison and STX Design Engineer Jon Bond talk about Kyle’s new Stallion head. The STX design team goes indepth about the latest C-Channel technology used and the reasons for doing so. Read More…

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Kyle Harrison’s STX Stallion is Available for Purchase

Kyle Harrison lacrosse head the STX Stallion

STX’s Stallion head was designed by Kyle Harrison to meet his expectations. is one of the only retailers selling the head right now. Get ahead of the competition by purchasing one today at

Kyle Harrison’s New STX Stallion Head

stallion head-top pic

Set to release in Fall ’11 the STX Stallion is a new head designed by Kyle Harrison. This is the third head from Kyle Harrison, but the first head to go on a straight shaft. The head is quite detailed with a Stallion embellished on the scoop. Read More…

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Kyle Harrison, Time and Room Shooting linked up with Kyle Harrison at an LXMPro clinic. Harrison demonstrated how to extend the arms, twist the hips, and getty-up before catching the ball. Keep Reading…

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STX Stallion Head

Kyle Harrison first tipped us off to the STX Stallion head eight days ago. Today, STX has released more info about the head set to be released this Fall. Keep Reading…

ArchLevel Lacrosse Interview with Kyle Harrison

Watch and listen to Kyle Harrison describe the differences and similarities between lacrosse in the UK and America. Keep Reading…

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Teen Wolf's Second Chance Episode

Teen Wolf’s second episode played last night featuring Kyle Harrison at the end. I understand why people hate the inauthenticity of the show, but it’s an important piece to the puzzle of growing the game. It’s positive exposure that is giving our sport attention from a wide demographic, MTV. Keep Reading…

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HeadWrapz: West Coast Starz

HeadWrapz has been working very hard as of late, and has put out a tremendous amount of creative and artistic masterpieces.  Well, this one above is nothing short of being on the scale of tremendously priceless.