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American Revolution Invitation

The American Revolution is headed to Europe in August and Lacrosse All Stars want you to join them on a two city tour. Compete in exhibition games in London before traveling to Denmark to compete in the Copenhagen Cup. Have you ever been out of the country?

LAS: Grow The Game Apparel

Lax All Stars is offering Grow the Game T-shirts where $5 from the sale of the shirt will be donated back to the buyer’s program of choice. They also offer bulk sales of custom T-shirts if programs want to sell the shirts themselves. Keep Reading…

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What's in store for 2010? Lacrosse trends to watch for this year

What's in store for 2010? Lacrosse trends to watch for this year

As lacrosse continues to grow new trends, styles, and influences emerge. We know readers of Lacrosse Playground are cutting edge when it comes to lacrosse. We took a look at some of the trends we’ve seen recently in lacrosse and came up with our look at trends to expect in equipment and apparel for 2010.

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Interview With LacrosseWear.com Founder Bo Lamon

LacrosseAllStars.com recently interviewed LacrosseWear founder Bo Lamon. Lacrosse All Stars asks the uniform manufacturer an array of insightful questions including why he even got involved with this industry and how his company has progressed to become one of the best in the business. It’s clear Bo Lamon still has the lacrosse player in mind.

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