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NOCSAE Lacrosse Ball Explanation

NOCSAE Lacrosse Ball Explanation

In 2014, in order to increase player safety in lacrosse, all lacrosse balls must be certified NOCSAE approved. What does NOCSAE mean? One of our pro’s Mike Barrett gives the rundown on what this new standard is, why it was put it place, and how the rule will be enforced this season. Read More…

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The Lax Dr Refurbishes Lacrosse Balls


Like many of us, we are frustrated with the fact that lacrosse balls become slick and the ball’s performance declines over a given period of time. Two brothers knew this was an issue that every coach, player and parent deal with season after season so they invented The Lax Dr. The Lax Dr refurbishes slippery lacrosse balls bringing back they that brand new grippy feel we all know and love. This high tech machine will refurbish a maximum of 10 balls, in as little as 1 minute. Why buy new balls when you can recycle the ones you already have?

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Traditional Strings Brings New Clothing + 99 Cent Lacrosse Balls


We’ve got the scoop on some new things at Traditional Strings. The new Traditional Strings website is up featuring the new Traditional Strings Academy line. The line includes a Crew sweatshirt ($39.99) Hooded Sweatshirt ($44.99) and T-shirts ($24.99). Read More…

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Glory Hounds Lacrosse Official Engraved Balls of the MLL

engraved ball

Glory Hound Lacrosse has been named the official engraved ball of Major League Lacrosse. Both team balls and special event balls, like the limited edition All-Star ball shown here with a silver tint, will be available for serious fans who want the perfect autograph ball or just want to carry their favorite team in their bag for some well-motivated wall ball. Read More…

Tournament of Champions Coaches Receive Glory Hound Balls

Austin, TX – Coaches participating in the Dick’s Sporting Goods 2011 Tournament of Champions, December 31-January 2, were presented with custom engraved Glory Hound balls at a special coaches reception. Read More…

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Tribe7 Lacrosse is Back with Air Balls

Tribe7 Lacrosse is Back with Air Balls

Tribe7 Lacrosse is back! From the man who brought you the ever-popular Gamebuster Video, Rob Littell, has unleashed a new classic. Littell’s latest flick, “Air Balls”, trumps the previous video by a long shot!

Glory Hound Lacrosse Monogram Series

Just in time for the holidays, Glory Hound has introduced their new monogrammed series to their custom engraved ball offering. Designed for simple ordering, no artwork or logo files are necessary. Keep Reading…

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