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California Flag Dye (Video)


Seeing everybody’s amazing flag dyes has had me thinking about a California Flag dye for a long time, and I finally decided to try it. I work as an artist, and spent many years cutting stencils, so it’s something I’m pretty comfortable with. I did my first dye around 1994 and have been doing it ever since…but it’s something I’ve never been very comfortable with. Read More…

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Searching for Home Away from Home

oregon lacrosse

So after the last two years playing club for Syracuse University, fall ball has become a time of the year I look forward to a lot. Getting back on the field with the team has meant a lot more than just lacrosse. For me it meant reuniting with friends I haven’t seen in months, getting to know the guys that make it past cuts, and look towards spring competition and think about what we needed to do to be a top team in the NCLL. Read More…

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