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Trilogy Lacrosse’s Follow us to NYC Contest

trilogy lacrosse

(Brooklyn, New York) – While our full time staff showcases four of the game’s top players and role models, with the rate of the sport’s growth, we can’t be everywhere at once. That is why we have established the Trilogy Lacrosse Locker Room to provide online resources every day for young players and parents. Read More…

Corporate Partnership Addresses Safety and Education in Youth Lacrosse

NEW YORK – Tuesday, May 17, 2011 – Youth lacrosse players across America now have unprecedented access to leadership, education and protection – thanks to a new formal partnership between Trilogy Lacrosse and McDavid USA. Keep Reading…

Trilogy Lacrosse Hires Brine Promo Player Ned Crotty

Trilogy Lacrosse announced the hiring of Duke star, Ned Crotty, as the company’s Sales and Marketing Manager. Crotty will be on the ground floor in developing the next generation of lacrosse players. He will direct instructional programs for youth and high school boys across the country, collaborate on the Trilogy Lacrosse curriculum, and strategize with coaches to most effectively impact their players. Crotty will be responsible for spreading and implementing the Trilogy Lacrosse System on a national scale.Read More…