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The Hardest Lacrosse Hit You’ll See Today

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A big helmet-to-helmet hit in the Johns Hopkins vs. Virginia game last weekend occurred when Blue Jay Rob Guida got bopped by Virginia’s Pat Harbeson. The Referees called it a one minute non-releasable penalty, but Quint Kessenich wanted an ejection. Read More…

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Lacrosse Fight Between the Buffalo Bandits and Calgary Roughnecks

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The more I watch lacrosse fights, the more I tend to understand about the “art.” It’s not brave or artistic, but it is a way to stick up for your teammates, your franchise, and your fans. In the heat of battle, i.e. lacrosse, emotions and adrenaline run high. In this case, however, fighting showed an act of cowardice. Read More…

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Ten Members Of The Swarm And Bandits Ejected For Fighting Saturday


The Minnesota Swarm (1-1) defeated the Buffalo Bandits (2-2) 19-11 on Treasure Island Field in front of 8,232 fans during its home opener at Xcel Energy Center. Scoring 19 times, the Swarm tied a franchise-high in goals that was set in 2007 in Chicago. Prior to tonight’s win, the Swarm had never defeated the Bandits at home, having gone 0-6 in previous matchups. Read More…

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Goalie Gets Chippy in Lacrosse Fight


Saturday featured a lot of great action in the NLL such as Toronto’s OT win over Calvary. However, the main event of the night took place in the first quarter when a fight between Rock goaltender Pat Campbell and the Roughnecks Geoff Snider broke out. The scrum happened within the first four minutes, and ended with both players receiving five-minute majors for fighting, and a game misconduct for Campbell. Read More…

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Fourth Quarter Brawl Provides Late Highlight To Disappointing Result


A fourth quarter brawl in which seven different scuffles in the final 25.9 seconds provided an exciting finish to an otherwise disappointing start to the season. Even back-up goal tender Kurtis Wager dropped his gloves when he went after Rochester goal tender Jake Henhawk and exchanged blows. Read More…

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Lacrosse Fight Breaks Out at Knighthawks Training Camp

Screen shot 2011-11-28 at 12.20.18 PM

Josh Ruys, who stands at 6’3″ 245lbs., and Scott Rouse came to blows at their own training camp. Yes, two teammates fought each other and the team is promoting it. Does anyone see a problem with this? It is Canada after all. Maybe in-house fights should be allowed for the NFL. That way, everyone on the Philly Eagles could take their anger out on DeSean Jackson. Read More…

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The Best Lacrosse Fight You’ll See Today

Screen shot 2011-08-25 at 1.13.03 PM

This week’s WLA Finals up North in Canada featured a brawl between the Langley Thunder and the New West Salmonbellies. We almost get lucky enough to see a bench-clearing brawl, but we are only left with three strong bouts: Brodie ‘The Anesthesiologist’ MacDonald vs. Matt Roik, Steve Hay vs. Matt Laustrup, and Kyle Ross vs. Jamie Lincoln. Read More…

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Lacrosse Fights: Brodie Merrill vs Gavin Prout, and One Player vs an Entire Team

The NLL season is still going strong, which undoubtedly means it’s still fighting season. Last week proved to be a good preview of what the rest of the season may look like. Additionally, it makes New York Rangers’ Sean Avery look like a Sally. Keep Reading…

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Bench Clearing Brawl Breaks Out in Mexican Lacrosse League

@SketchyBerts tweeted us a stunning video of a fight breaking out in a Mexican lacrosse league. Both teams go at it! View Video…

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Three Lacrosse Fights, Plus Gavin Prout Drops Jimmy Quinlan

Saturday, April 2, the visiting Edmonton Rush came to blows with the Colorado Mammoth. Colorado’s Gavin Prout and Edmonton’s Jimmy Quinlan made sure the fans got a show. As the fight begins, it’s apparent that Prout is laughing. Maybe it’s because he’s much smaller than Quinlan or maybe it’s because Quinlan’s favorite TV show is Intervention. Keep Reading…

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