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What Boys Can Learn From Girls’ Lacrosse

High School Girls Lacrosse #2 Garden City Trojans  v #1 McDonogh Eagles

A men’s lacrosse game may attract larger crowds but listen up, boys– there is a lot that can be learned from girls’ lacrosse and by no means should the female version of the game be ignored or downplayed. There are some key differences between boys and girls lacrosse – from the physicality allowed to the sticks used to the rules enforced –that have changed the way girls are playing the game…and in a good way. Read More…

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Your Guide to Lax Babes

Hello, hello laxers! So we’ve been talking for a while as your resident lax babe, and a question that I often get is ‘what exactly is a lax babe’? Well, allow me to explain with this handy LPG exclusive guide to what a lax babe is.

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