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New Website Will Custom Chrome Any Lacrosse Head

In the United States, lacrosse during the 1900’s had primarily been a regional sport centered in and around the east coast. With the growth in popularity, players have been looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. There is a new website that will allow players to create a custom chrome lacrosse head, or stick to suit their personal tastes.

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Ken Clausen Shows Us the New Warrior Evo 3 Lacrosse Head and Warrior Lacrosse brought Warrior promo player Ken Clausen out to Southern California in April for a weekend in the sun with some great lacrosse. Ken was able to attend a few practices and shows us new colorways for the Warrior Evo 3. Keep Reading…

Nike CEO U Lacrosse Head

This is the Nike CEO U lacrosse head, new for the 2011 season. South Swell Sports is kind enough to give us a sneak peak at the new head from Nike. Keep Reading…

Carolina Blue Unstrung Heads for UNC Tarheels

The Tarheels have new Carolina Blue unstrung heads to string up for 2011. The heads displayed in the image from STX include a Proton U, Professor, and a Super Power.

STX Surgeon Head

The 2011 STX Surgeon is designed for advanced offensive players looking for a quick release and pin-point accuracy. The head features ACP (All Climate Performance) technology that maintains head shape and form regardless of climate.

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Photos of Maverik's new stick and head

Check out photos of Maverik’s new products, including the Bazooka and the Vision. More photos in the post.


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Maverik releases new stick and head: The Bazooka and the Vision

Maverik lacrosse is releasing a new lacrosse head called the Vision and a new beginner stick called the Bazooka. Below is text from the press release Maverik sent out about the product.

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