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Max McCool: STX Revolver dye job

Max McCool: STX Revolver dye job

This month Lacrosse Playground’s resident head dyeing guru takes on the STX Revolver head. Max McCool does a revolver pattern on the new STX head.

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STX factory pink X10 head

Currently around 4,800 fans, STX has produced 3 factory pink X10 heads and will give them away if the manufacturer reaches 5,000 fans on its Facebook page by December 28.


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Jesse Hubbard talks head design

Jesse Hubbard is one of the most decorated players in all of lacrosse. He won three NCAA Championships with Princeton, was a three-time All-American in college, was a five-time MLL All-Star and won a World Lacrosse Championship with Team USA. In Part III of a three-part interview with Hubbard, we learn a little bit about what it takes to design a new head. >>READ MORE

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The Warrior Noz Gets a Facelift

One of the trends in lacrosse equipment lately is the colored heads and limited edition products that companies are putting out. Warrior has come out with a limited edition run of the Warrior Noz in six different colors. There were only 200 of each head made, which means this is a limited edition run that is only available at select retailers. The heads retail for the same price as the white Noz heads. READ MORE


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Inside the Warrior Noz

The Warrior Noz made a splash on the lacrosse scene earlier this year. Get an inside look at what makes the Noz different. >>READ MORE


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Brine Clutch X Now in 11 Colors

If you are sick of your plain white Brine Clutch X head and inept at dye jobs, we have some good news for you. Brine has released the Clutch X in a total of 11 different colors. >>READ MORE AND SEE ALL COLORS


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What if Louis Vuitton Made a Lacrosse Stick?

What if Louis Vuitton Made a Lacrosse Stick? Check out the dye job that answers that question.>>Read More


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Reebok's Houndstooth Hydro-Fusion Designs

We first showed you a peek at Reebok’s Hydro-Fusion heads a few weeks ago, and earlier we told you a bit more about the possibilities with the technology. Now, we wanted to give you a closer look at Reebok’s Houndstooth design for heads with their Hydro-Fusion technology. More photos after the jump.


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The Reebok 10K Head and 10K O-Tech Handle

Today is a jackpot for any of you who are fans of Reebok’s products, because we have a preview of Reebok’s 10K 2010 line. Check out tons of pictures of Reebok’s 10K O-Tech handle and the Reebok 10K head after the jump.


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President Obama's Custom Lacrosse Stick

We all know President Obama is a huge basketball fan, but what about lacrosse? Brine produced a custom head for the president. More after the jump.


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