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JackWraps Review

JackWraps Top View

  Everyone loves a sick helmet wrap and this time around we had some nice stuff designed by JackWraps. These guys are super easy to deal with and come up with some absolute awesome designs in short periods of time and they had it done in just three days. DESIGN The Design process is probably […]

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Guardian Cap Making an Impact in the Lacrosse Community

guardian cap lacrosse

Last year we reported a womens team wearing helmets throughout an entire season. The trend is spreading across the country in not just lacrosse, but other sports as well. In contact sports like football and men’s lacrosse extra precaution is being taken with Guardian Caps. Read More…

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Indiana University Lacrosse Helmet


Indiana made big waves this week with their Harlem Shake video, but it’s their new helmet that everyone will be talking about this season. The Matte Crimson TII stands out from other helmets…in a great way! Read More…

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Brown University To Conduct First Helmet Study For Women’s Lacrosse


In March, we wrote a story on the Bullis girls lacrosse team wearing helmets. Head Coach, Kathleen Lloyd, made it mandatory for every girl on the team to wear helmets after nine players received concussions the previous season. The Bullis Bulldogs wore custom rugby helmets. Today, Newsday revealed Brown University will be conducting the first helmet study for girls lacrosse. Read More…

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Warrior TII Helmet for USA U-19 Team


Warrior Lacrosse provided Team USA with custom TII helmets for the U-19 World Championships in Finland. The Matte Navy Blue helmet features a Red Chrome face mask, White chin strap and Red chin. USA insignia is displayed on one side while the players number is on the other. Read More…

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We’re Everywhere: Buckets

Screen shot 2012-05-04 at 1.17.52 PM

In the latest video in the We’re Everywhere campaign, entitled “Buckets”, a small cross section of the MCLA’s footprint on the US is illustrated by the helmets of the teams. Read More…

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Alabama Lacrosse Houndstooth CPX-R Helmet


The Alabama Crimson Tide continues to make strides in the equipment department with new Zima Gear wraps. The Houndstooth design wraps around a White cascade CPX-R helmet. The roots of the Houndstooth pattern can be traced back to legendary Alabama football coach, Bear Bryant. Read More…

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Penn State 2012 Custom Chinstrap


Penn State just received custom chinstraps from Cascade for the 2012 season. The White chinstrap displays their mascot, Nittany Lion, directly on the chin. Expect more from them as the year progresses. (Via Sweetlax)

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Warrior T2 Matte Black Lacrosse Helmet

Worn by Princeton, Duke and envied by others. The new Warrior TII Helmet offers serious protection, outstanding visibility and comfort. Matte finish was not available to the public ever before, but now you have the opportunity of purchasing one for yourself.

Syracuse Club Lacrosse Helmet

Thanks to Lacrosse Unlimited the Syracuse Club Lax team is wearing sweet lids. Syracuse Club is wearing Orange Pro7 helmets with Uniform Plaid panels. Keep Reading…

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