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Reebok 7K Lacrosse Zendium-Pro Argyle Shaft


The Reebok 7K Lacrosse Zendium-Pro Argyle shaft almost feels like it has a powder grip on the handle, which gives the player a very soft and smooth feel. It provides enough grip without having to use a whole roll of tape. The shaft comes in six colorways.

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Live The Panda Life Contest…Powered by Warrior Lacrosse

Lacrosse Panda, online retail store, teamed up with Warrior to hook up one lucky laxer with an insane amount of gear just before the start of the 2011 season. The contest is called “Live The Panda Life Contest”…powered by Warrior Lacrosse. Keep Reading…

Lacrosse Panda Brine Clutch Color Combos

Online retailer,, had these special color combos made for the Clutch 2 and Clutch 2x from Brine. These are exclusive to Lacrosse Panda.

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