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# # # # # # Site Redesign: Purchase and Wishlist Buttons

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You may have noticed two new buttons we added this week. We’ve implemented the two buttons to make it easier for our readers to pinpoint a product in a store and buy it. They eliminate extra time and effort tremendously. Soon you’ll become accustom to finding the buttons without hesitation. Read More…

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Lacrosse Playground Back To School Dye Contest


Alright Playground fans, it’s time for another contest. Up for grabs this time are a few heads dyed by our own dye master, Max McCool. Some of you may remember the pair of Revolver heads that we had up on the site a few months ago. Well they’re back, and they’re yours for the taking! Read More…

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2011 Lacrosse Playground Tailgate Guide

lacrosse playground Tailgate Layout

I call it a guide, but who really needs a guide in life? “Be your own man.” That’s what I always say. Yet, the things we hold close and tight to our hearts have been a reflection of another man’s affection. So I say to you, take advice from this tailgate guide and make your Fall memorable. Impress the guys and gals with your beer opening skills, cooking skills, and your not-so-fancy-but-awesome flask at the next tailgate. Read More…

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Lacrosse Playground Ocean City Jerseys

lacrosse playground uniform-1

Lacrosse Playground will be hitting up Ocean City this weekend for the OC Lax Classic. Guys were brushing up on their skills this summer by playing in Maryland’s Howard County rec league, which they won lastnight with a 6-3 win in the championship. We thought we’d give you a look at Lacrosse Playground’s uniforms for the summer. Read More…

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Lacrosse Playground Readers Receive 15% Discount Off Krass & Funnell Printed Lacrosse Shorts

krass&funnel lax shorts-1

Krass & Funnell have released a new style made specifically for lacrosse players. The new short features a Green stripe with printed Blue and White lacrosse sticks. That’s not all. LPG readers receive a 15% discount on the new lax shorts. Read More…

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Ann Arbor Area Lacrosse: Skyline High School Feature

Ann Arbor Area Lacrosse: Skyline High School Feature

Being from Michigan I guess I am biased to my own state, but with that said, I must say that it definitely isn’t easy for any program to get started from the ground up in any area that already has powerhouse teams. Well, that’s just what Nick Zoroya, the head coach at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan took on when he became the coach at the new high school.

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HeadWrapz: Lacrosse Playground Edition

HeadWrapz creates a Lacrosse Playground custom wrap for featured author Josh Hagerman. It is absolutely unique and worthy of solving global warming.

BOATHOUSE Contest Update: Make It-Take It *Win Free Uniforms!*

BOATHOUSE Contest Update: Make It-Take It *Win Free Uniforms!*

So the Boathouse contest has been rocking out like crazy. Make sure you get your entries in, because we are picking the three winners that will move the the next round on March 1st. If you’ve already entered, make sure you promote your jerseys on your own facebook pages and invite friends to vote

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Fan Shout-Out: BROCHO8 *Free SWAG*

We like to show gratitude to our fans. You don’t have to come to LPG, but you do. You guys are our lifeblood, and we love you for that. We’d like to take this opportunity to give an official LPG Shout-Out to Brett Mangan. Read more…

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Lacrosse Playground Brine King III Gloves

Back in May we showed you the mock ups for the Lacrosse Playground custom King IIIs from Brine. Here are photos of the materialized result. These gloves will be worn by our players in the Ocean City Tournament this weekend.

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