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They’re Considering Making Women’s Lacrosse Faster, Better

If the attacking team carries or passes the ball outside or above the restraining line, possession will be awarded to the closest defensive player who is below or inside the line. The closest attack player from below or inside the line will be placed 4 meters away to either side at a 45-degree angle. Read More…

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Hung: Why you are wrong and the refs are right

Hung: Why you are wrong and the refs are right

The play of the weekend that is getting all of the attention is Carolina’s Joey Sankey hanging up a Hopkins defender and standing behind the cage for two minutes without getting a timer-on situation. It sparked a firestorm from some vocal advocates of a shot clock, praise from others and questions from more as to why this was not a stall, but Virginia was given a timer-on the very next day. Read More…

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College Lacrosse Pace of Scoring in Week 1

College Lacrosse Pace of Scoring in Week 1

Analyst Mark Dixon said something in the Baltimore Sun today that we felt warranted a bit more scrutiny. He said, “I think pace of play was really, really good. If you look at the scoring, you had Denver-Duke which was 14-12, and the Bryant-Colgate game was 14-13. So I think the intention of the new rules to increase pace of play has had its desired effect.” Read More…

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2013 NCAA Lacrosse Rules Video

May 15, 2011; Denver, CO, USA; Villanova Wildcats midfielder Nolan Vihlen (5) does a flip to win a faceoff against Denver Pioneers midfielder Chase Carraro (left) in the first quarter during the first round of 2011 NCAA mens lacrosse tournament at Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

Someone kindly uploaded the 2013 NCAA Lacrosse Rules video to YouTube. Now, everyone can enjoy learning the rules visually on their own terms instead of visiting the NCAA website. Read More…

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NCAA Rules Committee Proposes Changes


Looking to increase the pace of play in the sport, the Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee recommended a 30-second countdown for teams to take a shot after the referee has issued a stall warning. All rules recommendations by the committee, which met Monday-Thursday in Indianapolis, must be approved by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which is scheduled to meet via conference call in September. Read More…

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Experimental Rules on Trial this Weekend in Lacrosse

NCAA LACROSSE: MAY 30 Men's Division I Championship Final - Maryland v Virginia

Two men’s lacrosse scrimmages will be played this weekend with experimental rules that stakeholders hope will increase the pace of play. Read More…

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