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Lax Hard Tee


Lax Hard is Elektrik Apparel’s newest tee. The name says it all. Perfect for post game hangouts. More colors coming out soon. Also, like their Facebook Page and you will recieve 10% off your order.

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Chee Clothing Tank Top Now Available To Public


This new tank was the result of a contest in partnership with lacrosse lifestyle apparel company, Chee Clothing. Fans submitted designs, and then voted to choose this as the winner. The tank top is influenced by PBR. Keep an eye out for more events like this in the future!

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NJ U15 NW Division Shooting Shirts


Boys playing for NJ State title will be wearing these on Sunday at Mountain Lakes. Specifically the North West U-15 All Star team will be wearing these Columbia Blue shooting shirts. The shirts are basic and are reminiscent of the way All Star unis used to look before sublimation. Read More…

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Lax With Class


Since it’s now officially summer it’s time to update your wardrobe for the babes and I’m here to help. Lax With Class, is a newly started apparel site with a genius idea, lacrosse pinnie tuxedos… yes one more time, lacrosse pinnie tuxedos. There is no other way to describe this this product other than quoting Talladega Nights, “because it says I want to be formal, but I’m here to party.” Read More…

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Elektrik Lacrosse Daniels Shirt


Elektrik Lacrosse is a lacrosse apparel company that takes the game from the field and the floor and brings it to the streets. Established in 2011 Elektrik Lacrosse aims to capture the essence of lacrosse culture. The Daniels shirt is their latest product to hit the market. The design is influenced from the popular logo of Jack Daniels. The shirt is Grey with accents of High Voltage Pink.

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Todi Lacrosse T-Shirt


These hip TODI tees come in a special baseball cut that gives better freedom of movement, letting those who wear them stay active and engaged wherever the game of life takes them. Custom designed in the USA and made of 100% organic, ring-spun cotton

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Tribe Head Vintage Lacrosse T-Shirts


Tribe Head, who is known for designing pinnies, is now selling high-quality tees. Tribe Head is offering over 30 shirts with different countries oil plastered on the chest. The shirts are very soft and really have a vintage feel. The material consists of 50% Poly, 25% Cotton and 25% Rayon. Made In USA. See if your country is represented on a shirt.

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New Nike Lacrosse Shirts


Today, Nike shows us new shirts for their lacrosse collection. The collection displays three different designs in a variety of colors. One shirt displays a silhouette of a player shooting, another has a checker patterned swoosh and the last tee uses a vintage design. Read More…

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Knot Clothing & Belt Company: Frankie Plays T-Shirt


Knot Clothing & Belt Company just released a limited edition lacrosse inspired shirt entitled “Frankie Plays”. This apparel is a creative take on a popular phrase on T-shirts around the time Frankie Goes To Hollywood released their hit song “relax“. Purchase at

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Traditional Strings Gets Ready for Back to School

traditional strings

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Traditional Strings and their excellent programs like stick donation. As a company trying to grow the game, they’re trying to strike a balance between gear and reaching the actual game of lacrosse to people who may not have gotten involved in it otherwise. Read More…