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New Stylin Strings SOSO #50

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 12.27.59 PM

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TSA To Allow Lacrosse Sticks on Airplanes Starting April 25th


Lacrosse players have traditionally had a tough time traveling with equipment especially on airplanes. The shafts are not only long and awkward to pack and stow, but they are high grade metal. A six foot titanium pole won’t logically make it through security without being flagged as a potentially deadly weapon…until now. Read More…

Maverik Lacrosse Launches WONDERBOY, Behind the Scenes


NEW YORK – February 27, 2012 — Maverik Lacrosse is proud to announce WONDERBOY the latest video addition to the “Evolve The Player, Advance The Game”campaign. The film gives a unique behind the scenes perspective of the creation of Maveriks’ signature shaft with a new look for 2013. Read More…

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Smathers & Branson Lacrosse Stick Needlepoint Coasters

needlepoint coaster

Packaged in sets of four within a polished wooden holder, Smathers & Branson’s needlepoint coasters are a great addition to any coffee table or living room. Offered in the classic Navy color. Available at Smathersandbranson.com.

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The Brooks Brothers Fall 2011 Fleece Collection Naturally Features Boy Toting Lacrosse Stick

brooks brothers lacrosse

The Brooks Brothers Fleece Fall collection has arrived, which means it’s time to greet a new year of school in style. It also means to bring your lax wands for recess time. Obviously, people on the outside looking in still perceive lacrosse as a pretentious sport. We know it isn’t! However, lacrosse players do have style. Read More…

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Why You Should Care About Hockey’s New Technological Carbon Fabric TeXtreme…

Why You Should Care About Hockey’s New Technological Carbon Fabric TeXtreme…

The high performance Spread Tow Fabric TeXtreme is being used in BAUER’s new SUPREME TOTALONE ice hockey stick to advance its performance benefits. Find out how this may affect lacrosse equipment.

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Max McCool: Making a Rubber Butt End for your Lacrosse Stick

The latest from Lacrosse Playground’s resident stick doctor Max McCool is an extensive video tutorial series about creating permanent rubber butt ends on your lacrosse stick. The 15 video series is after the jump.

Limited Edition: Brine South Beach Swizzbeat Handle and King II Gloves

Slip on some white linen pants and some loafers (no socks, of course), because Brine’s South Beach line might just make dressing like Don Johnson popular again. The limited edition line inspired by Miami Vice features the King II gloves and Swizzbeat handle decked out in bright neon blue and pink highlights.

South Beach Brine King II Glove

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Photos of Maverik's new stick and head

Check out photos of Maverik’s new products, including the Bazooka and the Vision. More photos in the post.


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Maverik releases new stick and head: The Bazooka and the Vision

Maverik lacrosse is releasing a new lacrosse head called the Vision and a new beginner stick called the Bazooka. Below is text from the press release Maverik sent out about the product.

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