The Faceoff Academy Announces National Tour

The Faceoff Academy

I’m proud to announce The Faceoff Academy’s National Tour. I am Greg Gurenlian, Major League Lacrosse All-Star player for the New York Lizards. Along with the help of my partners, Chris Mattes and Jerry Ragonese, we’ve created the perfect platform for every face-off man. There is a national instructional tour, an online space for commentary, recruiting strategies, and direct contact with coaching staff 24/7. Read More…

Hartford Lacrosse at National Guard Leadership Training

Hartford Lacrosse at National Guard Leadership Training

Last week, the Hartford lacrosse team went to a National Guard training center for a leadership training day, completing missions and doing team-building exercises. Rory Nunamacher and Frank Piechota talk about their experience at the training day. Read More…

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Slideboards: Your Secret Weapon for Pre-Season and In-Season High School Lacrosse Training

Slideboards: Your Secret Weapon for Pre-Season and In-Season High School Lacrosse Training

Lacrosse may be a seasonal sport (in theory), but there’s no reason your training has to be. Pre season training is one of the best ways to make sure you’re not only ready for the upcoming season, but that you’ll be starting it in better shape; and slideboards are one of the best tools to help you accomplish that. Read More…

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Ten Intimate Minutes with Paul Rabil and Justin Smith (Video)

Ten Intimate Minutes with Paul Rabil and Justin Smith (Video)

It’s not everyday that you get to learn tricks of the trade from two talented Major League Lacrosse players. I’m unclear when this video was shot, but that doesn’t matter. Young kids in Indiana (2012 Indy Elite Lacrosse team) had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of throwing with Paul Rabil and Justin Smith. Read More…

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Skill Exercises to Improve Ball Control in Lacrosse

Every master, whether in painting, music or sports, has had to first master the fundamentals in order to transcend into greatness. This is the same thing for lacrosse; in order to elevate your play from simply a collection of skills into a seamless lacrosse maven, scoring from behind your back or under your legs, you’ve got to have the fundamentals down. These exercises, designed to help your cradling, passing and overall ball-handling skills, can be used for any skill level to help raise your coordination and confidence. Read More…

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PrimeTime Elite College Prep Camp Filling Fast

PrimeTime Elite College Prep Camp Filling Fast

PrimeTime Lacrosse Elite College Prep Camp July 22-July 26, 2013 — Babson College, Wellesley, MA – PrimeTime Lacrosse is pleased to announce the return of its Elite College Prep Camp for the summer of 2013. This innovative program is truly one of a kind in the summer lacrosse landscape; it is NOT a recruiting camp, rather it focuses on preparing future collegiate student-athletes for success at the next level both on and off of the field. Read More…

Loyola Lacrosse Hones Skills by Taking It Indoor

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Loyola has the right idea! Indoor lacrosse is the perfect environment for a player to hone his stick skills. Not only is it a great tool for conditioning, but it is also a method for developing dexterity and poise. When these guys catch a pass on the crease this Spring, they’ll have the train of thought to relax and instinctively position themselves to score (with a fake or two). Read More…

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Preview of Paul Rabil’s Workout Series with STACK Media

Preview of Paul Rabil's Workout Series with STACk Media

Watch a preview of Paul Rabil’s weightroom and on-the-field workout. Rabil has done a few videos in the past for STACK, and this one looks to be equally as informative. Read More…

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University of New Hampshire Lacrosse Fall Ball Training (Video)


Take a quick look at the Wildcats’ Fall Ball training. These kids love lacrosse. You have to in order to play in the blistering cold of the Northeast without funding. The video, itself, is fun. Read More…

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Moyer Lacrosse Fall Academy for Defensemen


Moyer Lacrosse Academies will serve the needs of beginner, intermediate, and advanced players, no matter their age. Moyer Lacrosse’s 2012 Fall Academy was designed to provide boys lacrosse athletes of the Greater Philadelphia area a great alternative to Fall travel lacrosse that is affordable, which requires no travel outside of Philadelphia, and offers professional on field instruction and direction. Read More…