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Rabil, Team USA Congratulated by US Senate

Paul Rabil tweeted a pic of an American flag spread across his bed this weekend. The flag is a gift from the US Senate for winning the World Games. Rabil tweets, “Just got back home- one of the more special moments of my career, the US Senate sent me a flag for our accomplishments over seas.”

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Upclose Look at Max Seibald's Sticks

Max Seibald displayed his true colors at the World Games: Red, White, and Blue!

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Japanese Hidden Ball Trick

Japan pulls off an upset win over Australia with help from masterful stick skills. In the waning minutes of the third quarter Japan secures the win with a hidden ball trick. The defense is completely fooled keened in on a player power-cradling at the top of the box. Little do they know, there is another player drifting back behind the goal who has the ball. The goalie never sees it coming.

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World Games 2010 – Behind the Scenes with Drew Westervelt

Go behind the scenes with Warrior promo player, Drew Westervelt, as he plays for the Gold in Manchester, England. This video is a quick tour of the dorms, the make shift lockerroom and USA gear. You also get to see the pregame and the walk out to the field for Game 1 versus Team Australia.

Game Photos: USA Rolls Over England 17-5

USA recently beat England on their own turf. The game was very physical resulting in a good amount of England players on the ground. But don’t just take my word for it. View our new Facebook album by clicking the image below.

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Japan Karate Inspired Uniforms

Japan is looking really awesome in their Karate uniforms. Japan is a definite front-runner for best uniforms at the Lacrosse World Championships. Also included is a Brine Triumph helmet with Blue visor, chin and decals.

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New Zealand Haka For Lacrosse

As a tradition team New Zealand shows their national spirit and gives a Haka before matches. Taped during FIL Lacrosse World Championships 2010 against Scotland. Quite intimidating. No? Keep Reading…

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