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#TBT: Unreal BTB Fake From Johns Hopkins Laxer Wilkins Dismuke


Current Johns Hopkins laxer, Wilkins Dismuke, throws an unreal BTB fake a few seasons back in high school. After faking out the entire team he takes it to the rack! Read More…

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Sunpocket Sunglasses 2012 Summer Collection


We are fans of Sunpocket Sunglasses as we have posted about them before. Today Sunpocket releases their 2012 Summer collection. Sunpocket is steeped in athletic lifestyle dating back to the ’70s in France. The sunglasses, noticeably foldable, serve various functions that only athletes could understand. Read More…

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EcoLax: Saving The Planet One Greaser At A Time


Entrepreneurs, Mike and Matt Kim from Washington, DC, wanted to work this Summer, but also wanted to do something lacrosse related at the same time. The Kim brothers founded EcoLax. Project EcoLax is a recycling program aimed to refurbish used lacrosse balls while simultaneously saving the planet. With the exploding popularity of lacrosse, laxers are going through tons of balls every year. Many of these balls are used for a while and then thrown away when they become slick i.e. “Greasers”. Read More…

Gadgets Every Laxer Should Have

Gadgets Every Laxer Should Have

Today we are bringing a comprehensive list of the top gadgets every laxer should have. Lacrosse players are very tech savvy, active and outgoing. We love to rock climb, dive off cliffs, golf, install computer software, etc… After the jump, in no particular order is a list of what LPG believes you should consider purchasing.

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Getting Recruited!

Getting recruited is insanely difficult, since sometimes you have no idea how to get visible to coaches. How do you get your name out there to the colleges and programs that you’re aiming for? And even then, how do you know which program you want? It is an incredibly confusing jumble of things you have to do, but luckily, I have Chris Meade of here to give you a little help.

Winter Teasers from The Art of Lax

The Art of Lax has been shedding light on new designs due in mid-December. “Laxer” is one of them t-shirts. The cotton shirt entitled “Laxer” is simple & straightforward. The shirt will be available in Black and Navy, sizes: S-2XL. Keep Reading…

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