Video of Notre Dame’s Facilities, Plus ND’s New And Odd Promotional Video

South Bend and Rudy are expecting a big crowd for the Syracuse vs. ND lacrosse game this weekend. We feel it’ll be a lopsided effort. However, here is a brief look at the new Arlotta Stadium, The Guglielmino Athletic Complex, and The Loftus Sports Center at Notre Dame. Plus, check out the weird promotional video for the school. MORE AFTER THE JUMP…

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Washington Shoremen Locker Room

Last week Washington College showed us their new K18 gloves today they are letting us in to their locker room. Check out the video after the jump for an inside look of the Washington College Shoremen newly renovated locker room.>>VIEW VIDEO

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Hofstra Lacrosse Team Steps Foot into New Locker Room

This past December Hofstra University decided to drop their football team citing a general lack of interest and support from students and alumni, along with the desire to redirect funds toward enhancing the school’s academic programs (NYDailyNews). It appears some good might have came out of it. What once was the old football locker room is now the new lacrosse hang out.

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