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MadGear ‘Balanced Breakfast 2’ Shorts


Rise and shine with the newest addition to the Madgear sublimated shorts lineup. I’ll let these shorts’ hot style speak for themselves as they feature Grade A mock mesh and include two pockets and a draw string to ensure you don’t lose the day’s top pickens. Of course breakfast isn’t complete without BACON, so they’ve got you covered on the side inserts. Eggs and bacon on a short?

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Madlax Candy Coded Shorts


These pocketed sublimated shorts are made from only the sweetest mock mesh in the world. People from Hershey to 5th Avenue will think everyday is your payday cause you’re gonna look like a hundred grand when you’re rocking these shorts. In one word, these shorts are sweet.

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Newest MadGear Sublimated Shorts, The “BRONOPOLY”


This radical new design could only come from Madlax, and they are just what you need to stand out on the field this summer! Fully sublimated on Moc-Mesh with pockets and a draw-sting these shorts are money, and if you don’t get them you will not pass go, you will not collect 200 dollars. Read More…

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MadGear ‘Japan Lax’ Shorts

Help support the ongoing relief effort in Japan with the all new Madlax MadGear sublimated shorts.

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Madlax St. Paddy’s Day Shorts

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day 2011 and Ireland the artists at Madlax have created a Limited Edition MadGear Short to celebrate all things Irish. The MADPADDY’S.

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Call of Lax, Modern Laxwear Shorts

In these ‘Call of Lax’ – Modern Laxwear shorts, you will become an elite member of a multinational lax task force in an epic battle against any opponent who stands in the way of complete and total victory. Your objective is to wear the most modern laxwear in the world.

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MadLax 'All-American 2' Shorts

MadLax has improved their most popular limited edition short, “The All-American” and re-designed it for you. The All-American 2 tells people that you are proud to be an American especially this holiday season and that you are rugged and tough like our founding fathers because you never back down on the lacrosse field. Read More…

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Madlax MadGear Shark VisorCal

Madlax rolls out a visor decal for the Cascade Pro7 helmet. The visor decal displays the grill of a shark that wraps around the brim down the side profile. Colors are Silver, Black and White.

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