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MadLax 'All-American 2' Shorts

MadLax has improved their most popular limited edition short, “The All-American” and re-designed it for you. The All-American 2 tells people that you are proud to be an American especially this holiday season and that you are rugged and tough like our founding fathers because you never back down on the lacrosse field. Read More…

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Custom DC Skyline Decals

A fan at sent us pics of their hot Cascade Pro7’s with DC Skyline Decals. The helmet, itself, has been released from captivity and loaded with performance functionality. View Decals…

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Madlax MadGear Shark VisorCal

Madlax rolls out a visor decal for the Cascade Pro7 helmet. The visor decal displays the grill of a shark that wraps around the brim down the side profile. Colors are Silver, Black and White.

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1 Lacrosse x Madlax All-Stars

1 Lacrosse, the premier manufacturer of custom lacrosse shafts, is excited to be producing custom shafts for the Madlax All-Stars. Using a stylish bubble template with their iconic Orange and Blue logo, the All-Stars will a looking sharp as they take the field in 2010. Read More…

Goals For Good: Gents Against Alzheimers

Washington, DC (April 14, 2010) — Many were called, but few were chosen on Saturday March 27th to participate in the first ever Goals for Good lacrosse tournament taking place at Georgetown University Multi Sport Field the evening of April 24th. In a city were both rivalries and charities flourish it is only fitting that Goals for Good will be a melee with meaning; to raise attention and funds for the Alzheimer’s Association.

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