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Canada Flag Helmet Maple Leaf Vinyl Sticker Decal


A few readers have been asking where they can get Canadian flag decals. The one with the Red Maple Leaf adorned on so many collegiate players helmets. We found a 12 pack that you may be interested in with customized sizing to your liking. These decals are made to last 8-10 years with high performance vinyl.

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Nationals Goaltender Scott Rodgers x Maple Leaf Mesh

Former Notre Dame goalie, Scott Rodgers, is making a statement in the MLL not only with his play, but with his style. During the Final Four Rodgers expressed himself with striped mid calves. Rodgers is now playing with Marc Mesh with a big Red Maple Leaf dyed in the center of the mesh. More…

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Fit2Win Canada T-Shirt

On Tuesday we showed you Fit2Win’s World Championship T-Shirts, Ireland and Wales. Today we have the Canadian shirt.

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