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No Gut, No Glory


When I wrote my last article on putting together and Old School/New School stick, I mentioned that it would be interesting to try one. Mission accomplished, and the new gut string can be seen in the header image. It’s not obvious at first glance, so you may have to squint. But there it is, twisted around the top of the lacing from side to side, course, slightly translucent. Read More…

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“Nemesis” Head & Hickory Wood Shaft

So how did a guy who hasn’t been around lacrosse for years choose the Nemesis over other heads on the market? Easy, just the way most people probably do. I read a lot of reviews online. I liked what folks said about the stiffness of the head in terms of scooping of the remains of stopped shots. What was said about the sloping sidewalls funneling shots into the pocket was also an influence. Keep Reading…

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Goalie Stick Head Evolution

If you read my bio, you know I’m a designer. During my lacrosse deep-freeze, that’s what I did, and that’s what I taught. When you work with as many designs as I have, you learn to look at stuff and know right away that they will work well — or not so well. The first time I saw a pic of today’s goalies holding their modern sticks with rounded plastic heads, I knew that the sticks would work much better than the sticks I used. Keep Reading…

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