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Massachusetts High School Lacrosse Fight

lacrosse fight

In late May, a fight occurred during a lacrosse game between Taconic High School and Hoosac High School. Barstool Sports describes the brawl as a matchup between two Western Massachusetts “redneck” schools. I have no idea where these schools are, but I’m guessing they know more about New England zipcodes than the majority of Tom Brady haters. Read More…

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Lax Bro Subculture Hurting or Helping the Growth of Lacrosse?

lax bro, lacrosse lifestyle, lacrosse playground, Andrew Fielding

Jennifer McKim, a staff writer for The Boston Globe, wrote an article that many might view as an uneducated and skewed outlook of lacrosse. “Scoring Style Points” illustrates a life of leisure for most lacrosse players. McKim highlights the costs associated with the sport, but misses the mark tremendously by not clarifying how many enthusiasts actually despise the crippling subculture. Read More…

New Website Developed to Change the Face of Massachusetts Lacrosse

bostonlax, a new interactive lacrosse website has launched and is waiting to hear what you have to say! The new website gives users the ability to view stats, schedules, rankings, news, team pages, rosters and videos. Users will have the chance to share their opinion through comment sections and interactive fan voting. Read More…

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