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Final Episode of Bad Sports with Miles Fisher

Miles fisher, Bad Sports Episode 8: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

After the Beer Drinkers’ Challenge, the Bad Sports crew is in shambles. Parker’s in jail, and Casey moved in with that scumbag Slade Wilkins. But a heart-to-heart with Gil reminds Chad what really matters in life — being a f***ing legend. Read More…

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BAD SPORTS Episode 3: Menthols with Mark Cuban

BAD SPORTS Episode 3: Menthols with Mark Cuban

Chad lands a hard-hitting interview with sports and business legend Mark Cuban! Plus, amateur playwright Karl Peren stops by to preview his new drama “Larry the Bird.” Read More…

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BAD SPORTS Episode 2: The Original Lacrosstitute

BAD SPORTS Episode 2: The Original Lacrosstitute

This episode, much like the inaugural, is pretty unique to lacrosse. However, Episode 2 is racy as all get-out. That said, we are going to refrain from describing what ensues. Read More…

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LaxTrack: Miles Fisher – Don’t Let Go ft. Phoebe Tonkin (Video)

miles fisher dont let go

Miles Fisher of Final Destination 5, New Romance, and American Psycho parody fame released a new music video for Don’t Let Go. The well edited video is more serious than Fisher’s previous videos and stars an Australian actress/model named Phoebe Tonkin. Read More…

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LaxTrack: Miles Fisher – New Romance (Video)

miles fisher

Everyone’s favorite “it” actor, Miles Fisher has released a new music video for New Romance. The former laxer from DC spoofs the gang from Bayside High while adding a lethal twist. The high school is called Final Destination High, which acts as a promotion for Final Destination 5 with Fisher playing a big role. The video’s nostalgia emits awesomeness from the computer screen. Read More…

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Final Destination 5 Starring Miles Fisher

Miles Fisher became noteworthy after his splash hit This Must be the Place (included) and his PinkBerry spoof. The former lacrosse player landed a monumental role in the fifth installment of Final Destination. Keep Reading…

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Grab This: Bradley Ryder Owens’ Maverik Bull Head

Lacrosse Playground’s Battle of the Wits giveaway returns with something guaranteed to boost your cool.

Lacrosse Unlimited, equipment and apparel supplier, has generously donated one Maverik Bull head with a one-of-a-kind marble dye job, the favored head of Bradley Ryder Owens.

The prize will go to the most inspired and original response to the following question.

Pinkberry: The Movie

Former St. Albans standout, Miles Fisher, stars in a recent spoof called Pinkberry: The Movie. It was supposed to be an in-house clip, but someone let the cat out of the bag. KEEP READING…

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