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College Lacrosse Team Gets a Taste of Mixed Martial Arts Training

College Lacrosse Team Gets a Taste of Mixed Martial Arts Training

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine Head Coach, Dave Beriau, wanted to incorporate different forms of training for his team. Welp, he chose the most intense kind, MMA. Read More…

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‘Here Comes the Boom’ Trailer for Kevin James MMA Movie

kevin james, here comes the boom

Something tells me this isn’t actually Kevin James’ body. It looks all Pixared. Maybe he pulled a Jon Favreau on us. Nevertheless, the movie actually looks good. As a biology teacher, Kevin James must become an MMA fighter in order to save his school from going under. Salma Hayek and Henry Winkler star along side him in the flick. Read More…

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Former Penn State All American Dave Daniecki Has Transformed Into An MMA Powerhouse

Dave Daniecki

Dave “TNT” Daniecki has always loved being the enforcer. The ’97 Penn State grad once said, “Early on in the game I look for a couple big hits that put fear into the other team.” He concluded, “It lets them know that if they expect to catch the ball they’re going to get hit.” Daniecki, who majored in Civil Engineering, took his role as enforcer more than a step further by becoming an MMA fighter. Read More…

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