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US Lacrosse Says Not So Fast NCAA Rules Committee


NCAA Rules Committee met earlier this month in Indianapolis to discuss possible adjustments to the college game that would enhance the pace of play. Proposals such as protocol referees will follow, changes to the stick specifications and substitutions made on the fly. But the most unconventional ones involved the face-off and restarts. Ever since the NCAA Rules Committee announced proposals for new rules, many have been expressing real visceral reactions. US Lacrosse is one of them. Read More…

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NCAA Rules Committee Proposes Changes


Looking to increase the pace of play in the sport, the Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee recommended a 30-second countdown for teams to take a shot after the referee has issued a stall warning. All rules recommendations by the committee, which met Monday-Thursday in Indianapolis, must be approved by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which is scheduled to meet via conference call in September. Read More…

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