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Rotating 4D Lacrosse Field (Video)

Rotating 4D Lacrosse Field

A Dutch company is driven to complete a sustainable, rotating field. The rotating field contains multiple surfaces for easily adjusting to different sports, which tend to use the field. For instance, the interlocking panels can rotate from soft field turf to a much harder surface that is conducive for basketball. Read More…

2012 European Lacrosse Championship Highlights

2012 European Lacrosse Championship Highlights

The 2012 European Lacrosse Championships ended not too long ago (June) and we just received a pair of highlight videos from the event. Team Netherlands play in both vids. This really shows how far the game has come in Europe. Read More…

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Short Lacrosse Flick from the Netherlands

Short Lacrosse Flick from the Netherlands

Directed and produced by Sjors Mosman, this short film titled Suits is artistic in nature and captures how lacrosse players are influenced by the sport they play on-and-off the field in their daily lives. Read More…

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First Hollywood Lacrosse Movie Will Premiere In Amsterdam


If it is up to the organization of the EC lacrosse 2012, this summer will breathe lacrosse. Next to the European Championships, also the first Hollywood lacrosse movie ‘Crooked Arrows’ will find its way to the Netherlands. On May 9, the lacrosse movie premiered in the United States and on the 26th of June, Crooked Arrows will premiere in the Netherlands in Pathé Tuschinski (1500 seats available) in Amsterdam. Read More…

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Laxing Across The Pond

european lacrosse

Lacrosse in Europe is miles behind concerning development of the sport. The two biggest countries in which lacrosse is played are England and Germany. Close behind that are Scotland, Ireland, The Netherlands and Finland. In many countries across Europe, lacrosse is starting to catch on, with many lacrosse teams being formed as we speak. Read More…