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The North Face Patrol Avalanche Airbag Pack


Lacrosse players are smart, outgoing, athletic and most of all competitive. Lacrosse Lifestyle in a way transcends the playing fields and overlaps into other forms of activity. This Winter quite a few of us will be hitting the slopes enjoying the active pursuit of leisure. Of course, you should always be safe while doing so. The North Face Patrol Avalanche Airbag Pack enhances protection for winter pursuits in the backcountry. Its innovative airbag system helps prevent burial in an avalanche. It boasts a 95% success rate in real-world use.

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nanamica x The North Face Purple Label Backpacks

Japanese brand nanamica continues to work with The North Face on the Purple Label Collection. This new backpack is constructed with a mixed nyon/leather construction and The North Face Purple Label logo tags. Via AC.

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