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Observing a Lacrosse Pioneer, McPhee Style

Years ago, Bill Tierney stood on top of the world. He then threw the lacrosse world for a loop by stepping down as Princeton’s Head Coach after winning 6 National Championships. Where did we go next? He moved West. Many read it as a rebirth for him and his family and for a chance at recapturing something he lost a long time ago. Like many people, he wanted change. He wanted to take advantage of something before it turned into regret. Keep Reading…

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New York Times: An Explosion of Growth for an Age-Old Game

The New York Times published a great read about the growth of lacrosse today. The article boasts about low-level college teams making waves in the sport across America. The article even talks about a Navy Vs. Johns Hopkins game forty years ago in Houston that sparked the interest of soon-to-be fans. What isn’t mentioned is the impact this growth is having on manufacturers.

With the growth of the sport comes added sales. Companies will continue to sell items at a high rate for years to come, and we will also see more new companies pop up on the scene like Maverik for instance. MORE AFTER THE JUMP…