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Ocean City MD Lacrosse Head Dye Job will make your jaw drop!

stylin strings ocean city

The Ocean City Lacrosse Classic just went down, and a lot of laxers took the field with sick new dye jobs. Check out the sick Lacrosse Sticks Stylin’ Strings Lacrosse designed for some lucky players. Read More…

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Wheaties® GorillaWrapz for Ocean City Lacrosse Classic


Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing team sports in America, and the teams at Epoch and Lacrosse Playground are at the forefront of the game. Wheaties® is also committed to pushing the envelope and taking the game to new heights and that is exactly why we partnered with them for the Ocean City lax tourney this week. Epoch designed custom shafts for the team, Fit2Win has taken care of the uniforms (coming soon) and we thought a great way to cap off the kit would be custom helmet decals. Read More…

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Ocean City Lacrosse Uniforms, Shafts and Mouthguards


We just got back from taking another team to the Ocean City Lax Classic again this Summer. The team ranged from LXM Pros, DI, DIII and Juco players. The assorted mix turned out to gel really well together as the chemistry was evident in the way they played over the course of the weekend. We also hooked the team up with the freshest gear out there. Read More…

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Magerks by Zubaz Ocean City ’12 Uniforms


Magerks makes its way on to LPG and boy do they have sick unis! These lacrosse uniforms were created by AWD (Athletic Wear Direct). This year’s team will receive a pair of shorts with Zubaz pattern, game shirt, game tank, and another tank with no number to just wear around since everyone’s favorite watering hole doesn’t allow anything in with a number on the back. Read More…

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OC Lax Classic brings to the Men’s Elite Division a Braveheart Competition


New for the 2012 Ocean City Lacrosse Classic is a Braveheart competition. Everyone who has played lacrosse knows what a Braveheart is and it is…AWESOME. But, for those who aren’t familiar with the term a Braveheart usually decides the outcome of a game instead of playing Overtime. The Braveheart involves one goalie and one middie from each team. Read More…

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Lacrosse Playground Ocean City Jerseys

lacrosse playground uniform-1

Lacrosse Playground will be hitting up Ocean City this weekend for the OC Lax Classic. Guys were brushing up on their skills this summer by playing in Maryland’s Howard County rec league, which they won lastnight with a 6-3 win in the championship. We thought we’d give you a look at Lacrosse Playground’s uniforms for the summer. Read More…

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Magerk’s Ocean City Uniforms


Thought you guys would love to check out what threads one of the best teams in Ocean City Classic will be rolling with this weekend. Magerk’s has a lot of local flavor on the team with most of their players from Baltimore. Read More…

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Lacrosse Playground Brine King III Gloves

Back in May we showed you the mock ups for the Lacrosse Playground custom King IIIs from Brine. Here are photos of the materialized result. These gloves will be worn by our players in the Ocean City Tournament this weekend.

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Status Flow OC Uniform

Peep the Status Flow uniforms for the Ocean City Tourney this weekend. The shorts are Red, White and Blue with a repeating pattern. View More…

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Seacrets Jerseys for Ocean City Tournament

If you’re in the know, then you know about Seacrets in Ocean City, Md. It is beyond paradise. Ok, I’m going to stop right there, because my drool is ruining my keyboard. More After the Jump…