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Lax Style Roundup: Must Have Items

Lax Style Roundup: Must-Have Items

Playing lacrosse on the field gives you the privilege of living a lacrosse lifestyle off the field. You want to rep your sport while keeping it stylish for the babes. So what’s “the look?” What gear should you wear? Of course, go ahead and wear what’s comfortable, that’s all well and good. But, if you want some tips on how to dress to impress while subtly showing off your athletic ability and love for the best sport on Earth, check out a few of these stylish must-have items below. Read More…

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Customizable Party Shades Sunglasses, Yea Buddy!


Welcome to the future. You’ve just stumbled upon the best thing I’ve seen in a long, long time. They’re called Party Shades and I thought you’d love to know about them. First off, they’re more than affordable. You can look like a million bucks for a very low price without looking cheap. Secondly, they’re customizable with detaching arms, so you can detach and replace on-the-go. Read More…

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