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RIP Pocket…It’s Been a Good Run

As the season is winding down, I’m sure many of you are getting to the end of your pocket’s life. Can you remember that perfect pocket you had? Great hold, shot hard, passed accurately, etc. etc. Fast forward to now. Are you starting to drop the ball more? Are your passes sailing depending on the ball you’re using? Has your shot speed declined? These are all tell-tale signs of your pocket being TOO OLD.

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When Humidity Strikes, Get Loose

Laxers and lax lovers, good morning. I hope this post finds you all well on your way to a successful lax season in one way or another. I wanted to share a quick tip and story about humidity and how it may effect your game!

Sidewalls: interlocking, floating, and/or both?

Good morning laxers and lax lovers. Hope you’re ‘snowed in’ and enjoying some muesli and a cappuccino. For this post, let’s get a bit intricate. I want to talk about the difference between interlocking and floating sidewalls.

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Video: Paul Rabil Behind-the-Back Passing

You’ll never need to turn away from a double-team again. Lacrosse Magazine Online gets another exclusive look at the “Maverik University” instructional series by Maverik Lacrosse. Pro lacrosse star Paul Rabil demonstrates the benefits and mechanics of a behind-the-back pass. View Video…