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Conan O’Brien Rips Lacrosse…Again!


It is no secret that Conan O’Brien likes to dig into lacrosse. The talk show host’s disdain for lacrosse has been well documented over the years. He told Steve Carell he had a creepy lacrosse mustache, tweeted tired jokes about lacrosse players and now he feels the need to chime in about the latest in the “Rap-Lacrosse Wars.” Read More…

LaxTrack: Dante – “Won’t Go”


The Scandinavian music scene is thriving these days and one of the up and coming musicians is Dante. His song “Won’t Go” first came to light late last year, but has sense been on constant rotation around the globe. Read More…

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LaxTrack: Young Digerati – The Dauphin

Young Digerati is a Bay Area, CA band that met in high school. Their music is a mix of 80s Synth Pop, Dreamwave, Pop and Italo-Disco. Read More…

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